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Emil TotaLook porcelain tile from SpecCeramics explores the world of resins with a new project: a complete abacus of matching ceramic materials, intended to satisfy the most widely varying interior design needs. Three resins with different application potentials, a brick, and a wide range of decors.

TotalResin comprises 5 colors – Bianco, Sabbia, Grigio, Antracite and Blu Avio – and three versions, with different intended uses: Resin Soft (R9), Resin Natural (R10) and Resin Tecnica (R11).
TotalBrick comprises majolica tiles, in two elegant finishes, matt and glossy, in the same color scheme as the resins, with which they can be combined for unusual, striking associations of material and light.



emil totalook totabrick

Emil TotaLook Porcealin tile from SpecCeramics

Elle Floor

Porcelain Tile by WOW


Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

inax homura

Subway Ceramics

Ceramic Wall Tile from SpecCeramics.