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All INAX ceramics are of a very high quality and are recognized for their low maintenance requirement. Inax Sentousai is also classified as a Nano-hydrophilic ceramic. Nano-hydrophile is INAX’s criteria that indicates the level of stain resistance. These ceramics have additional properties that further help to resist mud, dirt, dust, gas emissions, soot and smoke.

Traditional artisans in Japan had an eco-aware custom of reusing old roof tiles of various shapes as material for the exterior walls of new houses. Sentousai tiles recreate the natural textures of these kawarabei walls.

Inax Sentousai Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

Elle Floor

Porcelain Tile by WOW


Porcelain Tile From SpecCeramics


Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

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