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Dreamlike, flexible, durable, and tactile, Regolo is a textured subway tile system characterized by different color finishes and peculiar textures, that can be arranged and rearranged in an infinite array of compositions.

Regolo takes a fresh, clean look at Appiani ceramic, creating a harmonious balance of shapes, functions and shades of color. With Regolo, Appiani explores flat surfaces and structured geometries that allow for surprising, creative interpretations. The ultra matte opaque finish highlights the structure of the flat surfaces, emphasizing the elegance, and an invitation to creative freedom. The 9 colors – Panno, Lunaria, Ardesia, Ossido, Ceruleo, Cipria, Mattone, Tanè, and Tabacco – add a soft touch and delicate play of light.

Appiani Regolo Wall Tile from SpecCeramics

Elle Floor

Porcelain Tile by WOW


Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

inax homura

Art Deco

Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

Art Deco Spritz Daiquiri