Love Affairs

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Four Shapes, Seventeen Finishes… Endless Possibilities!

Woods, concretes, stones and marbles with unlimited combinations.

Concrete Crayon

Concrete & Calacatta Hex

Concrete Strip

Calacatta Strip

Calacatta & Onix Mini Crayon

Calacatta Crayon & Timber Strip

Calacatta Crayon & Petra Strip

Calacatta & Timber Strip

Timber Crayon

Timber Strip

Petra Hex

Petra Mini Crayon

Petra & Timber Strip

Timber Crayon & Concrete Strip

WOW Love Affairs Ceramic Tile from SpecCeramics


Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

inax homura

Art Deco

Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics

Art Deco Spritz Daiquiri


Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics