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Lagom porcelain tile from SpecCeramics. “Lagom är bäst”, goes the well-known Swedish saying, meaning “not too much, not too little, just the right amount”, and this is the vision that has inspired Lagom. This folk floor and wall tiles collection offers an extremely faithful reproduction of the grain of oak. For all six colors, the natural surfaces are complemented with two sophisticated Decor Mixes, inspired respectively by geometric motifs (Linear) and elements from the natural world (Folk).

Each Mix is made up of six different stylized patterns, with graphics centered on fullness and void effects, studied so they can be mixed to form extremely light, expressive compositions.

Lagom Porcelain Tile from SpecCeramics


Porcelain Tile From SpecCeramics


Ceramic Wall Tile from SpecCeramics.

Subway Ceramics

Ceramic Wall Tile from SpecCeramics.